Our Commitment Runs Deep

From the beginning, Cintas has operated with the belief that sustainability made good business sense and throughout the years, it has remained at the core of our company. By providing a consistent focus on social, environmental, safety, and diversity initiatives, we have achieved deeper knowhow and caring service.



Cintas achieved revenue of approximately $4.5 billion in the fiscal year ended May 31, 2015. The organic growth rate was 7.1%. Cintas continued to grow at a greater rate than both U.S. Gross Domestic Product and employment. Fiscal 2015 was the fifth consecutive year of double-digit growth in earnings per share. Our results are the product of good execution by our employees, whom we call partners.

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Our customers and competitors alike appreciate Cintas for our commitment to workplace safety. Our employee-partners are motivated to go above and beyond to deliver for our customers. Equipped with extensive training, a positive discontent for the status quo and a caring attitude, our employee-partners comprise the essence of what sets us apart. Cintas’ safety journey has meant the company focuses not only on the work, but also on the best way to keep our partners safe as they perform the work.

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At Cintas, our employee-partners are fully engaged in practicing workplace sustainability and environmental stewardship, and environmental issues affect our decision-making at all levels. Our suppliers are also an instrumental part of our sustainability efforts. Throughout the Cintas supply chain, our business partners demonstrate an ongoing commitment to environmental best practices and we work together to find sustainable solutions.

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At Cintas, we're proud to reflect a growing diversity among our employee-partners and our supplier network. We're embracing a new generation of employee-partners, and with that, we're fostering inclusive work environments that will allow all of our people to bring their whole selves to work and reach their full potential.

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