jeremy snow

READY FOR THE WORKDAY™ means READY™ for the unexpected. READY™ is the hero. This week, we are proud to share the story below about the heroic actions of one of our own, Jeremy Snow.

Recently we were contacted by Rochelle O. on Facebook because she wanted to share a story about one of our Service Sales Rep, Jeremy Snow. She said that she and her mother were traveling through the Chapman, Kansas area a few months ago on I-70 during a rainstorm when their car started to hydroplane and left the road. The driver's side of their car collided with the guard rail in the median. Rochelle's mother hit her head on the door and was knocked unconscious. Her mother also cut her leg on the door of the car. Jeremy approached the scene, asked if everything was OK and called for help.While they were waiting for EMS to arrive, Jeremy noticed the deep cut on Rochelle's mother's leg. He used a shirt to tie it around her leg to control the bleeding. Rochelle's mother was pinned into her seat and they soon smelled something burning and saw smoke coming from the back of the vehicle. Jeremy quickly ran back to his van, grabbed a extinguisher and put the small fire out before it had the chance to spread into the cabin of the car.Rochelle was grateful that Jeremy was in the right place at their time of need and was kind enough to stop and help.

Jeremy Snow is a Fire Service Sales Rep from our Lenexa, KS. Thank you, Jeremy!


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